Gentle Pilates Classes

Who Are Gentle Pilates Classes for?
These classes are suitable if you want to work at a slower pace, honouring the need of your body to while moving at a slower pace, move in an optimum way, creating strength alongside flexibility.

What to expect?
We spend part of the class, exercising on the mat (exercises you will be able to replicate at home if you should like to), part of it using the specialist studio equipment, benefitting from both the support and the extra resistance this provides, and finishing with some standing balance work.

Class Size
With a small group of 6 clients only, there is the scope for individual attention. You see the gentle Pilates class schedule at

If you are interested in starting this class, it will be necessary fo you to do at least one individual (private) session as an introduction. Depending on your level of experience and your injury/health history, it may then be advisable for you to have more than one private session, before joining the class. Your teacher will be able to advise accordingly.