If you are new to The Pilates Studio Totnes, welcome!

We would love to have you join one of our group classes. For you to get the best out of our group sessions, you will need to go ahead and book an initial 2 private classes. During these 2 classes we will take a look at any relevant health and injury history, and introduce you to Pilates. If you have some previous pilates experience, we will be able to continue from where you left off. During your sessions, you will have the full use of the Pilates Studio whereby we will be able to do some matwork, along with using the equipment in the studio. We will guide you as to which group classes (if this is what you would like to do) you are likley to benefit from mostly. While we cannot guarantee that there will be a space in a class that works for you straight away (many of our classes are regularly full), once we have met you and know what you want, we will make it our mission to sort out a space that works for you.

If you are a new client, you can currently buy this 2 pack of classes at the special introductory price of £99.

To purchase, click here