Pilates Studio Club Classes

This is always a popular option in Pilates studios across the world. It provides the opportunity to work with a programme especially designed for you. Lots of one to one expert assistance, without the cost of a one to one session!

What to expect from a class? 
You will have a personal programme designed - please see pre-requirements below  - specifically for your body; and to suit your personal goals. You will come into a Studio Club Class and work with close teacher supervision, through your programme of exercises. Maximum 4 clients with one teacher. The session is 55 minutes long.

Who is it for? 
Everyone! One of the many benefits of these sessions is that everything is geared especially to you and therefore most health challenges can be accommodated.

Two 1:1 private sessions will be needed to create your personalised programme of exercises (2 X private classes, 55 minutes each class). These sessions can be booked through our online booking system (link here)

How much is it? 
Once we have designed your personalised programme, you may book the Studio Club classes online - the-pilates-studio.com/pages/to-book/110. These classes are organised into five, 10 week terms from January through to December. Our online Swapboard, provides some degree of flexibility, such that you can swap classes for another class in that same payment block (availability allowing), using the Swapboard (there is a link on this website). The earlier you do this, the better this system continues to benefit you and everyone else!