Pilates Studio Timetable for Group Classes

We are delighted to be opening our Totnes studio again in April 2021. Our intention is to return to the timetable below as soon as we are advised that it is responsible to do so. In the meantime we will be teaching private classes and groups of 2-3 residing in the same household.

Please click on the 'to book' button, at the top of the page, to view and book private sessions.

 Thank you for your patience while we adhere to government COVID guidelines and continue to take necessary precautions to keep our studio a safe and happy place to be for all:))


9.15 am Studio Club (Jill)

6.00 pm Reformer for Improvers (Jill)


9.15 am Studuio Club (Annita)

1.15 pm Reformer for Improvers (Annita) 
2.30 pm Studio Club (Annita)

3.45 pm Studio Club (Annita)


4.00 pm Studio Club (Annita)



10.30 am Studio Club (Jill) 

1.15 pm Reformer for Improvers (Jill)


8.00 am Studuio Club (Annita)
9.15 am Studio Club (Annita)
10.30 am Studio Club (Annita)
11.45 am Studio Club (Annita)

1.15pm Reformer (Annita)


10.15 am Reformer for Improvers (Annita)

One to one session times and teachers are available every day, please see the online booking schedule for specifics.